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Our Being, United

I mentioned in a previous post how important my music box was to me. But there are a myriad of objects that are important, and that make up our being. Things we turn to everyday, that bring us comfort, and that little by little, piece who we are. Here are a few of mine:

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1. My notebook and makeup case. I jot down my grocery list in the note area, and save important stubs in the accordion folder. I got the notebook at the Metropolitan Art Museum’s store.

2. Close up of my makeup case. I like muted, soft colors, but the shimmer keeps it fresh and young.

3. My agenda (pink) and diary (blue notebook). I managed to bargain with the store clerk to give me a discount on the agenda, since it was the one they had in display. I’ve had my diary for over four years. I do not write much in it. Instead, I glue important ticket stubs or remembrances.

4. My copy of Plato’s works (yes, all of them). Below that, “Sexuality, Gender and the Law” the 2009 casebook. Two of my heaviest (and biggest) books. They have also been two of the most interesting reads.

5. My teddy-bear, Jerry (he’s gay!) I also have a trans-species bear, Theodore, who is sometimes a bear, and sometimes a bunny.

What are some of your special objects?

Share with me.

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