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Sense Memorya

I was recently walking across campus, on a windy and humid day. The charged air made the smell of the freshly cut grass seep out (they invest on maintaining the lawns for graduation, but when it comes to the upkeep of dorms?…) The fresh smell and the cool breeze and the somewhat hazy, somewhat sunny day reminded me of Argentina in late summer. I only lived there as a very young child, but my memories of walking down the street from my grandmother’s apartment are my most distinctive.When the sun shines a certain way, the sky turns certain blue… I dont know where I am anymore. How far can memories take you, in miles, in years, in lives past?

While visions, so deceitful, fly past.

Sky from my window, when I was younger

My piece of Sky

Yesterday, as I was waiting for E. to go get a late night snack, I decided to venture outside my dorm. My room was stuffy and the breeze was incredibly tempting, so I sat in one of the stone seats that surround our campus. Then I did something I haven’t done for a long time: I looked to the sky.

Sky from my window at twilight

When I lived in Brazil–where you could see a surprising number of stars on a clear night, despite the pollution–I used to joke that I owned a particular “piece of sky,” the one right above my house. From my bedroom’s veranda, I could see a number of stars, my own little constant in an ever-changing plane. In New York, it is harder to see the stars. One is lucky to see 3 in a group, faint and dainty, as exhausted as first years way past their bed-times.

Yesterday the sky was cloudy, and the clouds looked a hazy violet on the black sky, an effect of the city lights, I imagine. They moved rather swiftly across my field of vision, since it was quite windy, so from time to time, when a space between clouds opened, I would get a grasp of a couple of dim stars. Where they the same I had seen in Brazil?

Then I heard E. running–he thought he was late–and I was brought back to earth. But I had seen my little piece of sky already. So we left, to get some snacks.