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My piece of Sky

Yesterday, as I was waiting for E. to go get a late night snack, I decided to venture outside my dorm. My room was stuffy and the breeze was incredibly tempting, so I sat in one of the stone seats that surround our campus. Then I did something I haven’t done for a long time: I looked to the sky.

Sky from my window at twilight

When I lived in Brazil–where you could see a surprising number of stars on a clear night, despite the pollution–I used to joke that I owned a particular “piece of sky,” the one right above my house. From my bedroom’s veranda, I could see a number of stars, my own little constant in an ever-changing plane. In New York, it is harder to see the stars. One is lucky to see 3 in a group, faint and dainty, as exhausted as first years way past their bed-times.

Yesterday the sky was cloudy, and the clouds looked a hazy violet on the black sky, an effect of the city lights, I imagine. They moved rather swiftly across my field of vision, since it was quite windy, so from time to time, when a space between clouds opened, I would get a grasp of a couple of dim stars. Where they the same I had seen in Brazil?

Then I heard E. running–he thought he was late–and I was brought back to earth. But I had seen my little piece of sky already. So we left, to get some snacks.