My piece of Sky

Yesterday, as I was waiting for E. to go get a late night snack, I decided to venture outside my dorm. My room was stuffy and the breeze was incredibly tempting, so I sat in one of the stone seats that surround our campus. Then I did something I haven’t done for a long time: I looked to the sky.

Sky from my window at twilight

When I lived in Brazil–where you could see a surprising number of stars on a clear night, despite the pollution–I used to joke that I owned a particular “piece of sky,” the one right above my house. From my bedroom’s veranda, I could see a number of stars, my own little constant in an ever-changing plane. In New York, it is harder to see the stars. One is lucky to see 3 in a group, faint and dainty, as exhausted as first years way past their bed-times.

Yesterday the sky was cloudy, and the clouds looked a hazy violet on the black sky, an effect of the city lights, I imagine. They moved rather swiftly across my field of vision, since it was quite windy, so from time to time, when a space between clouds opened, I would get a grasp of a couple of dim stars. Where they the same I had seen in Brazil?

Then I heard E. running–he thought he was late–and I was brought back to earth. But I had seen my little piece of sky already. So we left, to get some snacks.


  Marielle wrote @

Woah. Nice picture. The sky looks perfectly fine. Oh, when you switch places or moved to another place, you’ll always notice the difference and you’ll miss more the old place you’re from 🙂


You’re right, JB set a good example for his fans 🙂 And great, we love iced teas! 🙂 I’m going to make another glass right now 🙂

  Sakura wrote @

Wow. The sky looks serene and calm. 😀 Hope that you had a fun time with E.

  nichole wrote @

thanks for stopping by my site!!
that is an awesome picture 🙂
i love stars, but it is so hard to ever get to see them unless your outside of a city area. i actually see alot of them at my grandmas cause she lives out in the sticks in virginia. its even DARKER there because shes so away from everything its kinda creepy but awesome!

  Trina wrote @

What a beautiful picture! I used to take an astronomy class and we would have these star parties and go look at the stars at night with telescopes. It was pretty interesting. What kind of camera do you have?

  Sasha!! wrote @

Thats beautiful, it was like reading an excerpt from a novel. lol the world good stuff the people and the stars

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